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Household water services provided by Cottagewood thru Wellborn Special Utility District.

Irrigation and automated sprinkler systems operate on well water

Sewage Septic System


No feminine hygiene products, latex products, plastic, cotton balls, makeup wipes, cleaning wipes, fabrics, etc.


Household waste is processed by on-site septic systems.

All septic sprinkler heads marked in purple.

All lawn care is handled by our groundskeeping team. Lawn maintenance frequency varies seasonally with rate of growth. Lawns are mowed and edged and leaves and trimmings are blown from the porches, walkways, and driveways.  

Lawn Care Provided

Front Porch Policy

In an effort to maintain a clean and sightly community, we ask all residents to keep their front porches and yards free of trash and miscellaneous. Everyone leaves something out on the porch occasionally, but if trash or 'junk' piles up for a while, we may ask you to pick it up or remove the items. Repeated requests or refusals to comply may lead to additional fees and penalties including eviction. With a little effort we can together maintain a community we can all be proud of.  


Each of our cottages have large multi-car driveways that accommodate 3-4 vehicles. We asks our residents to refrain from parking on the "street" as much as possible and/or for more than a few minutes, as it is a narrow gravel road.  We ask that residents and their guests be considerate of their neighbors and their guests. If parking on the street would obstruct the road or inconvenience a neighbor, there is plenty of room to park near the Common Area Outdoor Kitchen. Please refrain from parking anywhere on grass.  

Wild Animal Warning

Though Cottagewood is located just a few miles from town, much of the area around the property is undeveloped rural 'countryside'. Small varmints such as raccoons and possums are common. Wild hogs and coyotes are occasionally seen in the area. Anywhere in Texas outside of city-limits one should keep an eye out for snakes and scorpions during warmer months.   

High-Speed Fiber Wireless Internet Provided

Cable TV Services Unavailable

Satellite TV & Streaming Live TV Options Available in the Area at Resident's Expense


For residents who prefer a more traditional tv interface, satellite packages are available in the area. Cable packages not available in rural areas. Satellite packages are generally more expensive than streaming tv options, and usually require a minimum two year contract. But if you want to channel surf, these providers have extensive options available. Never miss a game by your favorite team with there regional and national sports packages.

Home Entertainment Streaming Devices 

Streaming devices act as a hub for all of your entertainment services.  Connect to popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, Disney+, Peacock, CBS All Access, HBO Max, and many more.


Stream Live TV

Local channels and most networks can be streamed clean and clear over our high-speed wireless internet through a paid subscription service.  These options are a better fit for renters.  Unlike the satellite providers, they require no longterm contract.  Month-to-month subscriptions packages start around $65.00 per month.

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